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Here we give you an insight into our way of beekeeping, our cultivation, selection and the range of queens we sell.

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Our Buckfast Marken Queens

To maintain the purity of the Buckfast bee and if possible to improve its characteristics, Buckfast Holland uses the island mating station Marken. There has been a mating station for Buckfast bees on Marken since the early nineties. The Buckfast queen mating station is currently managed by the Buckfast Marken Foundation. The station for mating of Buckfast queens is currently managed by Foundation Buckfast Marken. It has been arranged through the APV that keeping bee colonies on Marken is only reserved for the Buckfast Marken Foundation.

About us

Since 2010, the two owners of Buckfast Holland have been engaged in queen breeding on a professional basis. They manage more than 200 bee colonies for production.

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